February 20 - 22, 2015 Uniondale Long Island, NY

Discover cutting-edge secrets to finally build the martial arts school of your dreams.

It's Martial Arts Business Summit 2015, packed with NEW secrets for more students, more profits, and more freedom than ever. Plus, it's one heck of a good time. Spots are LIMITED. Get your tickets now!

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An open letter to my fellow school owners. From Michael Parrella.

I have to be honest: I'm sick of it.

What's "it"?

All of the mis-information out there. I see the blind leading the blind - consultants, DVDs, reports, and seminars packed with fakes.

It's always been like this in our industry, hasn't it? 99% of the consultants and seminars out there have a LOT of nerve to stand in front of crowds and teach tactics that simply DON'T WORK. Well, I'm tired of it, and that's why I started Martial Arts Business Summit. It was time for a change.

My name is Mike Parrella. I own 5 schools. Each produces multiple 6-figure profits. Two of them produce $100,000 per MONTH. Not only that - I've helped hundreds of school owners earn more profits and more freedom than they ever dreamed of.

At Martial Arts Business Summit, I show you exactly how it’s done. You get total transparency, and the exact tactics I’ve used to accumulate such massive success.

Not only that… I’ve assembled an amazing line-up of speakers who all “walk the walk”. Each one is a renowned expert in their field, and each one ACTIVELY creates massive wealth for themselves and those who they teach.

That’s what MABS is all about. No more fluff. No more of the same tired tactics that have been shoved down your throat for years.

Running your school should be EASY and FUN. At MABS, your passion for teaching and for martial arts will be re-ignited. You’ll see a light at the ned of the tunnel.

You’ll realize that the freedom and financial success you crave truly can be yours.

All you have to do is show up with an open mind, and I guarantee you'll walk away more inspired, FIRED UP, and full of amazing knowledge then ever before.

Fair enough?

Then grab your tickets today. Because after MABS 2014 -- where we turned the industry on its head -- demand for MABS is up like crazy. It WILL sell out fast.


Michael Parrella
Founder of FC Online Marketing,
iLoveKickboxing, and Owner of
5 Successful Schools

Who's running this show anyway?

A glimpse into martial arts marketing expert & super-successful school owner, Mike Parrella


Mike's schools EACH generate multiple-6-figure profits. TWO of them generate $100k per MONTH.

Founder of iLoveKickboxing

Mike developed & deployed the ILKB franchise, which is now one of the LARGEST fitness franchises in the world.

MA Success Columnist

Thousands of schools read his advice every month in a full-page article in MA Success Magazine.

Marketing Expert Extraordinaire

His company FC Online Marketing helps schools generate thousands of leads, every month.

Amazing Business Coach

Mike's coaching clients have become some of the top-earning school owners in the entire world. All from following his proven advice.

One Cool Dude

Those that know him best just know him as a cool, laid-back guy who's full of passion, heart, and drive.

Your Incredible Speakers

Each one not only teaches success... They live and breathe it every day of their lives. We don't allow ANYONE to speak who doesn't "walk the walk".

Frank “The Legend” Shamrock

Legendary UFC Champion Reveals What it Takes to Rise to the Top.

Frank Shamrock’s early life was filled with violence, poverty, and trouble. He became a ward of the State of California at the age of 12 and a prison inmate at 18. But martial arts turned that all around.

As a fighter in a sport that started bare-knuckled with limited rules and no weight classes, he earned the nickname “The Legend”. He then became the world‘s first UFC Middleweight Champion, the first Mexican American MMA Champion and left the UFC as the four-time undefeated champion following an epic four round battle with the sports‘ bad boy, Tito Ortiz.

Frank secured four world titles and set two world records for the fastest championship victories in history - defeating one contender in 14 seconds and another in 20 seconds.

In 2011, after 16 years of professional combat, and helped grow the company Strikeforce to a point where it was bought out by UFC for a record 34 million dollars, and is now the star of the TV show “Gym Rescue”. With highly rated fights on Showtime, a television and film career, and repeated TV commentating appearances on CBS’s ‘Saturday Night Fights”, he has become a sports celebrity. In this talk, you’ll discover:

  • Why you can rise to the top no matter what cards life has dealt your way
  • Mindset and “inner-warrior” secrets of a legendary MMA champion
  • Business secrets from someone who’s seen every side of the game: from grassroots to a multi-million dollar buy out
  • And more!

Bedros Keuillian

How to Turn Your Passion Into A 6-Figure Online Business

The internet is the fastest and most easiest way to reach more people and to increase your income. And there’s no one more qualified to teach you how to take your passion online and turn it into massive profits then Bedros Keuilian

He’s been called the hidden genius behind many of the biggest names in the fitness industry – including top celebrity trainers that you’ve seen on networks such as ABC and NBC.

He’s also the production consultant and co-star of Spike TV’s hit reality show Gym Rescue along side UFC hall of fame champions Randy Couture and Frank Shamrock.

For nearly a decade now Bedros’ online information products alone have consistently generated multiple seven figures a year in what most would consider a small niche market with heavy competition.

In addition to that Bedros has coached and consulted hundreds of small business owners and helped them take their passion online in the form of information products that have generated between six and seven figures.

During his time on stage Bedros will teach you how to…

  • Create an information product and an online membership site.
  • How to structure your product for maximum success and profits.
  • The three biggest ways to drive online traffic to your sales site.
  • How to build a local tribe who will repeatedly buy from you.
  • And many more secrets to creating a successful online business.

Martin Rooney

Unleash the Warrior: Becoming the Coach of Your Students’ Dreams

Martin Rooney is an internationally recognized fitness expert, best-selling author, and sought-after presenter. He’s also a renowned Judo black belt and Renzo Gracie purple belt.

Over the last 5 years, he has traveled to over 25 countries to conduct seminars and help prepare world-class athletes, train trainers and inspire fitness enthusiasts. Martin has trained athletes from the NFL, MLB, UFC, NBA, WNBA and numerous top Division I colleges across the country. He has also trained numerous Olympic medalists, All-Americans and World Champions.

Martin is also the creator of the infamous “Training for Warriors” combat fitness system that’s helping men and women world wide burn fat, build muscle, and feel great.

Long story short: Martin knows what it takes to become a “Super Coach”. And he knows how that fits in to running a successful school, too.

In this talk, he’s going to inspire your ass off as he educates you about his top 10 do’s and don’ts of doing business like a warrior.

Get ready to feel the electricity flow. This presentation will be electric.

  • Rekindle the fire that originally had you burning for the martial arts industry
  • Understand your importance to the world as an instructor
  • Identify what skills may be currently missing from your coaching toolbox - and fill in those gaps with a bang
  • Improve your ability to engage and inspire your students
  • Face your weaknesses head on and turn them into strengths
  • And more! You’ll be ready to blast off and make 2015 your best year yet.

Melody Shuman

How to BLOW UP your kids program and become the most renowned, and referred, school in your area.

Melody Shuman owned a chain of super-successful schools in Florida. But she wasn’t fulfilled. They drained the life out of her. So she sold them for a handsome sum, and decided to start over from scratch.

She vowed to fix everything that made her life miserable, and create a school like no one had ever encountered.

That’s when the SKILLZ program was born - a kids martial arts curriculum that makes schools more profitable, fun, and easier-to-run than ever.

PLUS: It’s packed with so much value parents pay MORE for it than traditional martial arts.

In this talk, Melody will share her TOP secrets for making your own kids program rock like never before.

  • How to grow the most kick-butt and PROFITABLE kids program you‘ve likely ever seen (whether or not you currently even have one)
  • How to instantly position your program in a whole ‘nother ladder than your competition
  • How to inspire parents to tap into the “behind the scenes” parent networks in your town and bring you new students
  • And more!

Nick Dougherty

This is how you REALLY use Facebook if you want to grow your school like crazy.

For over a decade, Nick has run his own successful school while coaching literally thousands of school owners worldwide. He’s always steered them away from traditional marketing methods… and shown them instead cheap, EFFECTIVE tactics that actually work.

Lately, Nick has turned Facebook upside down. He’s created tactics that give your current student MORE VALUE than ever while SELLING NEW STUDENTS at the same time!

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. If you feel like you’re only scratching the surface of Facebook’s potential (and trust me - you are!) — Nick will help you take out an ice pick and go to town on it.

  • The key to getting your students to actually engage, like, and SHARE your Facebook posts
  • How to spark referrals through amazing student activities that involve Facebook
  • How to get your CURRENT students to sell your PROSPECTS on Facebook (and no, it’s not by leaving reviews or anything like that. This will blow your mind)
  • How to increase your prospect to student conversion rate by blowing away prospects’ minds with this insane Facebook trick
  • And more!

Ryan Healy

How to create a constantly growing “culture of referrals” while building your social media empire.

Last year at MABS, Ryan unleashed a heavy arsenal of powerful social media tactics. This year, he’s taken those tactics to a whole new level, and of course, crafted even more that make students pay, stay, and REFER. He’s unveiling all that and more at this year’s Summit.

The best part: it’s all tested and proven, too. Ryan personally coaches dozens of schools of all shapes, demographics, and sizes. Using his tactics, they finally break free of the situations they’re in and reach incredible new heights.

Fair Warning: Ryan’s presentations contain “4-letter words”. But if you can handle that - and a lot of laughter - his talks are worth their weight in gold. We guarantee it. In his talk you’ll discover:

  • How to boost your referrals by 200%, in the next 3 months.
  • How to use social media to light your school on fire with new prospects.
  • How to “program” your students to constantly refer new business your way.
  • And more!

Craig Ballantyne

How to Take Your Martial Arts Knowledge and Leverage It Into a Profitable Online Info Business That Reaches Tens of Thousands of People Worldwide

Craig is one of the first guys to have a #1 selling e-book on Clickbank, maybe you’ve heard of Turbulence Training? He went from an ordinary trainer to generating seven figures with fitness info products online… and he’ll show you how YOU can do it too by creating your first info product and marketing knowledge online.

Craig is also the mentor and business coach to some of the biggest names in info products such as Joel Marion (Cheat Your Way Thin), Vince Del Monte (Maximize Your Muscle), Alex “A-Mar” Maroko (The Speed and Quickness Expert), Isabel De Los Rios (The Diet Solution), Holly Rigsby (Fit Yummy Mommy), and Mike Whitfield (Workout Finishers) to name a few.

But while he’s made his fortune in fitness… his secrets apply to ANYONE ready to take their expertise, and publish it for all the world to see.

In this power packed Martial Arts Info Blueprint Workshop you’ll get the complete step-by-step formula for creating your info products, getting online, and selling it to the masses.

  • Creating an info-product that your market will drool over and be desperate to buy
  • How to get other people to sell your product for you 24/7
  • How to market your info-products to reach six-figure profits that run on auto-pilot with some maintenance
  • And more!

Kelly Murray

This is how I inspired my 45+ staff members to become the most referral-generating, sales-closing, retention-exploding people I've ever met in my life.

Kelly Murray has become infamous as the “Queen of Staff”. I guarantee you there isn’t another person on this planet better at running martial arts employees than this gal. And she manages over 45+.

Kelly’s staff are not only full of passion and enthusiasm… they treat her schools like they own’em. They’re always thinking about how to improve things, how to get more students in the door, and how to add more value than ever to their programs.

But it’s no surprise. From the start, Kelly has them thinking this way, and as a result… The 5 locations she oversees are 5 of the most successful schools in the entire world.

In this groundbreaking talk, Kelly reveals how to create a staff who are EAGER and EXCITED to grow your school to incredible heights. A staff that goes above and beyond, all day, every day. A staff that your students fall in love with and generate tons of referrals.

Get ready to take notes on this one. You won’t want to miss it.

  • How to get your staff ON FIRE with passion for your school
  • How to produce a staff who teach classes that are so amazing… practically every class they teach leads to referrals
  • How much you should pay your staff and why - and what other “perks” you should be giving them too - if you want them to be total rockstars
  • Because of Kelly’s staff’s energy and “electricity” - no one has EVER complained about boring, repetitive, or stagnant classes… Here’s how you can achieve the same.
  • And more!

David Tendrich

Secrets of a Six-Figure-Producing Martial Arts Copywriter.

In 2009, Mike met David at a conference in Orlando, and decided to give him a shot. He had him write the first batch of iLoveKickboxing email auto-responders. When the results came in, Mike threw projects at David left and right, and eventually brought him on board as his lead copywriter.

Some of those include the KidsLoveMartialArts sales page that is now the most “ripped off” piece of martial arts copy on the web, along with just about every piece of copy you see leave FCOM’s gates.

David’s words not only helps schools add on five and six-figures to their bottom lines… they brings in steady, reliable flows of new students that just never seem to end.

In this talk, he’s going to peel back the curtain and show you exactly how it’s done.

  • Why real copywriting starts before you ever pick up your pen
  • How to craft, and communicate, an irresistible offer for your market
  • How to become “competition-proof” with one tactic
  • Why David hasn’t gotten writer’s block ONE time since becoming a copywriter - and why you never should either
  • And more!

Master Ken

The One and Only Youtube Sensation is Coming to MABS… Again!

Master Ken is an 11th Degree Black Belt and the Creator of the Street Lethal Art of AMERI-DO-TE! He is also the star of the hit web series “Enter The Dojo”.

He’s coming to Martial Arts Business Summit to bring the laughs… and to teach you why whatever style you practice is 100% B.S.! Get ready to learn some new, powerful techniques too. You…ve really never seen anything like it.

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry (from laughing so hard), and you’ll laugh again. There’s no one like Master Ken, and after his incredible performance at last year’s Martial Arts Business Summit - we just had to have him back for more!

So in-between brain-melting business sessions, get ready for some much needed comic relief. And you’ll be able to take pictures with Master Ken and get signed merchandise, too!

Michael Parrella

Growing your school to multiple 6-figure PROFITS like a boss (all while having more freedom, fun, and fulfillment than ever before).

Seven years ago, Mike’s school hit rock bottom. He took a location that was generating $50k / month down to less than $10k / month - which didn’t even scratch his huge overhead. Debt, bills, and angry bill collectors were stacking up.

They threatened to shut off his lights and close his doors.

Desperate, and ready for change, Mike hit the drawing board. Or rather - he hit the books. He knew the internet was the key. He studied internet marketing day and night for months, testing things out, constantly tweaking, trying, trying, trying.

Finally: Results trickled in…

And then: a flood of new students. The first month he “cracked the code” he got more new students in ONE MONTH than he had in the entire LAST YEAR.

Fast forward to today and Mike is not only one of the most successful multi-school owners on the planet… He’s one of the most amazing coaches too who helps schools finally get on track — and reach — the profits and lifestyles of their dreams.

By following in his footsteps, his clients work LESS, earn MORE, and have more fun than they’ve had in years. They LOVE running their schools again, which is what it’s all about.

But Mike’s success doesn’t end with his schools. His iLoveKickboxing franchise is one of the fastest growing franchises in the entire world (not just in the fitness sector). In fact, combined, all of his companies are on track to gross $10 million this year.

He’s one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the history of the martial arts industry… and THE highest-paid coach in the industry.

You won’t want to miss this.

  • Discover how Mike generates multiple-six-figure profits in all 5 of his locations… and how he got two of his locations to hit $100,000 / month! (You read that right!)
  • Why the thing standing between you and insane growth might not be your marketing after all
  • Mindset shifts that have to happen FIRST before you can become massively successful (and how to make those shifts)
  • How to build a culture of referrals where — no matter how aggressively you market — your main source of new students is always your current students.
  • How to completely and utterly dominate online and consistently bring in new students — even in “dead” months like July!
  • And more!

Rave Reviews

Here's what MABS 2014 attendees had to say.

"Monthly income has more than doubled because of MABS!"

Attending the MABS event in 2014 was absolutely the BEST decision I have ever made for my business...ever! We have implemented the strategies that we learned here and our monthly gross has more than doubled and we are on pace to double again this year.

I HIGHLY recommend this event for anyone serious about improving your systems, developing your staff, and making A LOT more money doing what you love to do.

- Billy Reuter

"I attended MABS2014, and my income has almost doubled since."

- Mike Evans

"Since MABS 2014, our monthly billing is up by $9,000!"

- Robert Turley

"GAME CHANGER! The MABS tactics helped me form a team that lets me vacation for weeks at a time without any worry!"

MABS 2014 WAS A GAME CHANGER! The content shared covered everything an owner needed. Social media, customer service, mindset, staff training, and tons more. For me personally… growing my staff has always been a major obstacle.

Fast forward to today, just 5 months after MABS 2014, and I have a team that lets me leave for weeks at a time without any worry! I can't wait for MABS 2015!

Kabir Bath

"The MABS strategies helped me TRIPLE our member base."

- Holt Williford

"I’ve been to 100+ seminars in my 23 years as a school owner. MABS was by far the best. Period. Plus, it was a blast!"

- Ron Sell, Co-Founder / Rainmaker

"By far the best event I’ve ever attended! First class all the way! It’s gotta be on your ‘must do’ list for 2015!"

- Cat Zohar, Founder / MA Marketing Solutions

"20 years in the industry and I’ve never seen anything like MABS"

I’ve been in martial arts for 20 years and countless events and seminars. Most of the time I just tune it all out. Something happened at MABS though. I stayed tuned in the entire time and excited, because the information was just so great.

I can’t say enough about how incredible it’s been - to see new information from people who are legitimately interested in helping others and helping ME as a school owner.

- Michael Robles

"You want to take your studio to the next level - this is the place to be."

If you missed MABS, you missed THE time. It was absolutely fabulous. It’s priceless. You want to take your studio to the next level - this is the place to be. If you’re tired of working long hours and not having enough students, come to MABS.

- Rich Grogan

"Unlike ANY other martial arts business event I’ve ever attended."

I felt like success could actually be done. They show you that there are no excuses. They’ve proven the formula, it’s there for us if we just go get it. You get to do what’s being done by just Michael Parrella who is doing what no one else in the industry has.

The other summits I’ve been to are these “boxes” that have been sold to you time after time. It’s the same stuff you’ve seen 100 times that DOESN’T work.

This one is the best of the physical and the mental. You get the step-by-step plan and you also get the philosophy.

Mike’s taken away that whole idea that you have to stay away from people. You can be yourself. You can be friendly. And you can still have respect that goes both ways.

- Joe Silbers

"Every speaker is AUTHENTIC."

I came to MABS excited about it, and the first thing I get from it is that every one of the speakers are REAL. You can tell when people are B.S.ing you and every single person here has been authentic. They taught me to just be myself and be real and people will fall in love with you.

- Manny Cabrera

"There’s nothing else like it."

Having an AWESOME, awesome time here at MABS. We’ve been to several different events over the years and there’s nothing else like it.

- Chuck & Kara Giangreco


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